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EZ EV Electric: Pioneering a Greener Future with Ford Pro and Xcel Energy

As we steer toward a more sustainable future, exciting developments are taking place in the world of electric vehicles (EVs). At the forefront of this green revolution is Ford Pro, the commercial division of Ford Motor Company, with its commitment to simplifying the transition to zero tailpipe emissions. A crucial player in this movement, EZ EV Electric, is not just a passive observer but an active supporter eager to work hand in hand with Ford Pro and Xcel Energy.

Ford Pro’s Green Vision:

Ford Pro is on a mission to make adopting electric vehicles a breeze. Their lineup of work-ready EVs, including the F-150 Lightning Pro pickup and E-Transit van, is a testament to their dedication. These vehicles are not just ordinary; they’re paving the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

EZ EV Electric is not just a spectator in this movement but an enthusiastic supporter. We see the potential in Ford Pro’s commitment and are ready to play our part in this green journey.

The F-150 Lightning Pro: Our Trusted Companion:

At EZ EV Electric, we are proud fans of Ford, especially the F-150 Lightning Pro. This electric pickup truck isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of innovation and power. As a commercial truck, it’s not only changing the way we think about electric vehicles but also revolutionizing the way we conduct business.

We’ve chosen the F-150 Lightning Pro as our commercial truck of choice. It’s not just about being eco-friendly; it’s about proving that electric vehicles can be practical, powerful, and reliable in a commercial setting. This is more than just a vehicle choice; it’s a statement about our commitment to a sustainable future.

Charging Forward with Ford Pro:

Ford Pro Charging hardware is a key player in the transition to electric mobility. With 48- and 80-amp chargers, it enables overnight charging with Level 2 AC charging. The convenience of charging at home, in public spaces, and at depots is made possible by Ford Pro Charging software. EZ EV Electric recognizes the significance of these offerings and is eager to integrate them into our charging infrastructure.

But Ford Pro doesn’t stop there; they’ve extended their reach with DC Fast Charger options in 180kW and 240kW. This not only provides more power but also potentially shorter charge times. EZ EV Electric understands the importance of such versatility, especially for fleet operators and their drivers who need practical solutions at their workplace.

Telematics Data for a Smarter Future:

In a move that goes beyond the ordinary, Ford Pro and Xcel Energy are planning to analyze telematics data from participating vehicles in their joint initiative. This isn’t just about numbers and statistics; it’s about creating a smarter and more efficient charging network. EZ EV Electric is excited to be a part of this initiative and looks forward to leveraging the insights gained to enhance our charging solutions.

EZ EV Electric’s Support:

As ardent supporters of Ford Pro’s commitment and innovation, EZ EV Electric is actively seeking to work closely with Xcel Energy in their partnership with Ford Pro. We recognize the significance of this collaboration and aim to contribute to the success of their initiatives.

Our close working relationship with Xcel Energy positions us as a key player in the rollout of EV charging infrastructure. We share the common goal of meeting the growing EV charging needs of businesses in their service areas. Our template for future projects extends beyond just words; it’s a commitment to actively shape the electric future we envision.

In conclusion, the enthusiasm between Ford Pro, Xcel Energy, and EZ EV Electric is more than a potential project; it’s a shared commitment to a sustainable and electrifying future. As we move forward, EZ EV Electric is proud to be a supporter, an active participant, and a driving force in this journey toward greener mobility.

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