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Fleet-ZERO Grant Program: EZ EV Electric Accelerating Electric Fleet Adoption


Colorado is on a vibrant journey towards embracing a more eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transportation through its ambitious Fleet-ZERO Grant Program. This initiative is not just a leap towards reducing vehicular emissions, but a broader stride towards cleaner air, healthier communities, and a thriving natural environment. The Fleet-ZERO Grant Program unveils a realm of possibilities for fleet operators to transition to electric vehicles (EVs), making a significant dent in the traditional carbon footprint. This article aims to unfold the many layers of the Fleet-ZERO Grant Program, offering a glimpse into its structure, its potential to transform the fleet sector, and the ripple effects it could have on the broader community.

Unpacking the Fleet-ZERO Grant Program:

The Fleet-ZERO Grant Program is Colorado’s robust response to the growing need for a cleaner and more sustainable fleet sector. By providing essential funding to establish EV charging infrastructure, the program tackles one of the major barriers fleet operators face when considering the switch to electric – the upfront costs of setting up charging stations. It’s an inclusive initiative, welcoming a broad spectrum of applicants including private, public, and non-profit fleets, independent owner-operators, charging-as-a-service providers, and property owners, developers, and managers​​.

With a fund of $3 million earmarked for the October 2023 application round, the program creates a competitive yet accessible platform for various entities to vie for financial support. The structure of the grant requires a 20% match from the applicants, which is generously reduced to 10% for certain qualifying entities, thereby easing the financial burden and encouraging wider participation​​. The October 2023 round will end on December 1st, 2023. (Colorado Energy Office).

The application process is thoughtfully designed with two distinct streams – a standard process and a rolling application process. The rolling application, open all year round for those seeking $50,000 or less in funding, provides a flexible window for smaller operators or those with unique financial needs to apply when they are ready. This continuous opportunity not only caters to a variety of financial situations but also ensures that the support from the grant program is accessible throughout the year​​.

Furthermore, the Fleet-ZERO Grant Program is a significant component of Colorado’s broader Clean Truck Strategy and Community Access Enterprise. These overarching strategies underscore the pivotal role of fleet electrification in achieving improved air quality, environmental conservation, and financial savings on fuel and maintenance for fleet owners and operators. The alignment of the Fleet-ZERO Grant Program with these broader strategies paints a coherent picture of Colorado’s holistic approach towards a greener fleet sector​​.

Synergy with EZ EV Electric:

The roadmap charted by the Fleet-ZERO Grant Program finds a harmonious echo in the services rendered by EZ EV Electric. Specializing in the installation of residential and commercial EV charging stations, EZ EV Electric emerges as a potential catalyst in expediting the transition envisaged by the Fleet-ZERO Grant Program. By offering a suite of services encompassing station design, assistance in funding application, meticulous installation, and robust maintenance and servicing, EZ EV Electric stands poised to significantly streamline the journey for fleet operators keen on embracing electric vehicles. The technical acumen and operational efficiency of EZ EV Electric could potentially dovetail with the financial impetus provided by the Fleet-ZERO Grant Program, thereby creating a conducive ecosystem for electric fleet adoption.

Impact and Looking Ahead:

The Fleet-ZERO Grant Program holds the promise of a substantial positive shift in Colorado’s fleet sector. By reducing financial hurdles and fostering a supportive ecosystem for electric vehicle adoption, the program lays the groundwork for a cleaner and more sustainable fleet sector. The ripple effects of this initiative, amplified by the support from companies like EZ EV Electric, are set to resonate beyond Colorado, setting a compelling precedent for other states to follow suit.


The Fleet-ZERO Grant Program is a bright beacon in Colorado’s journey towards environmental sustainability. It’s a significant stride that not only benefits the fleet sector but echoes the broader goal of community well-being. If you are a fleet operator or a stakeholder in this sector, this program opens a door to a greener future. And for a smooth transition to electric vehicles, reaching out to EZ EV Electric for support with EV charging infrastructure could be your next move on this green journey.

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