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Unlock Low-Cost EV Charger Installation with EZ EV Electric

The electrification of transportation is taking the world by storm, and Colorado is no exception. With
more Coloradans choosing electric vehicles (EVs) every day, the need for EV charging infrastructure is
surging. Property owners—whether you manage a car dealership, a multifamily housing complex, a
workplace, or a homeowner association—are presented with an electrifying opportunity to modernize
their facilities and cater to this growing demographic. However, the prospect of installing EV chargers
might seem complex and expensive. This is where EZ EV Electric comes into play, offering a smooth and
affordable path to join the electric revolution.
The Charge Ahead Colorado Grant: Fueling Your Electric Transition
Embracing the electric future is becoming easier and more accessible with resources like the Charge
Ahead Colorado Grant. This statewide initiative is driving the shift to electric mobility by providing
significant financial support for EV charging projects.
Specifically, the grant offers up to $6,250 in funding, which can cover up to 80% of the total project costs
for the installation of Level 2 chargers. This financial assistance substantially reduces the out-of-pocket expenses, making the installation of EV chargers a cost-effective and highly attractive upgrade for property owners.

EZ EV Electric: Your Gateway to the Electric Future
At EZ EV Electric, we’re dedicated to making your transition to electric as seamless as possible. Our
comprehensive, full-service offering ensures that every aspect of installing an EV charger at your
property is handled with professionalism and efficiency, leaving no room for stress or uncertainties.
Demystifying the Installation Process
While the installation of an EV charger might seem like a complex task, it becomes considerably simpler
with the right partner. With EZ EV Electric, your journey towards an electric future becomes
straightforward and enjoyable.
Every installation involves several steps, including initial design, comprehensive engineering, and
obtaining the necessary permits. Our team of experienced professionals excels in each of these areas,
ensuring that every stage of the process is executed flawlessly. We coordinate with all relevant parties,
manage the logistics, and ensure that the charger is installed to the highest standards of safety and
With EZ EV Electric, you don’t just get an EV charger; you get a complete, turnkey solution that’s ready to
serve the needs of EV drivers from the moment it’s activated.
Maximizing Your Savings: Grant Application Assistance
The Charge Ahead Colorado Grant is undoubtedly a game-changer for property owners seeking to install
EV chargers. However, the grant application process can be complex and time-consuming. At EZ EV
Electric, we take this burden off your shoulders.
Our team of experts will assist you in writing and submitting the grant application. With our experience
and understanding of the process, we can increase your chances of obtaining the grant, thereby
maximizing your savings and making your EV charger installation project even more affordable.
Ensuring Quality and Support
Quality and reliability are crucial aspects of any EV charger installation. At EZ EV Electric, we stand by the
quality of our work. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our installations, reflecting our unwavering
commitment to delivering superior service.
But our commitment doesn’t end once the installation is complete. We offer a 5-year service agreement
that guarantees a 48-hour response for any repair needs. This ensures that your EV charger stays up and
running, providing valuable service to EV owners who visit or reside on your property.
Taking the Leap with EZ EV Electric
The future of transportation is undeniably electric. As Colorado forges ahead, there’s never been a better
time for property owners to invest in EV charger installations. With the Charge Ahead Colorado Grant
and the comprehensive services offered by EZ EV Electric, the move towards this exciting future is both
affordable and straightforward.
Property owners across Colorado have a unique opportunity to modernize their facilities, cater to a
growing demographic, and align themselves with the trend of electric mobility.
Don’t miss this chance to be part of the electric revolution. Contact EZ EV Electric today, and let’s work
together to electrify your property with a state-of-the-art, affordable EV charging station.
With EZ EV Electric, you’re not just investing in an EV charger; you’re joining a movement towards
cleaner, more efficient transportation. So, let’s power up for a vibrant, electric future, Colorado.
Remember, with EZ EV Electric, joining the electric revolution is as easy as flipping a switch!

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